PRIDE hosts peaceful protest for gender neutral bathrooms

Sami Taylor, Staff Writer


Students were greeted by a porta potty last Wednesday outside of the Kanter Student Center.

The porta potty was there for a peaceful protest, hosted by the PRIDE organization, for the college to place a unisex bathroom in the Kanter Student Center. They also had a petition for students to sign outside the upper cafeteria.

“We really wanted to bring more awareness that we have a lack of gender neutral bathrooms here,” Caleb Hayden, vice president of PRIDE, said. “We have a couple around the area, but there are not enough for a group of individuals to feel safe to go into the restroom and use the facilities.”

The unisex bathroom would not only be for students who are uncomfortable using the regular restrooms, but also families that come to campus with children, or people with disabilities.

“The prime area [to put the unisex bathroom] is on the upper level of the student center,” Hayden said. “All they would have to do is throw a lock on the doors or stalls.”

Many colleges in Nebraska, such as UNL and UNO, already have unisex bathrooms on their campuses.

The PRIDE organization would like to see Wayne State College get on board and be where the other colleges are, providing facilities for every one of all needs and abilities.

The unisex bathroom in the student center would only be a start to getting more unisex bathrooms on campus.