Where’s the Money?

Scholarships are dispersed by department

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

Hundreds of scholarships are given out each year, but how are they divided to go to different schools and majors?

“Each year in February we get a list from the foundation office, which is in our building, and we compile that list. Then I sort it in an Excel Spreadsheet by department,” Laurie Oswald, assistant director of financial services, said.

Oswald explained how this division is decided by the four schools themselves: education, business, natural and social sciences as well as arts and humanities.

A committee normally then decides who receives those scholarships, then it is sent back to Oswald to notify and send to the student selected.

Most of these are foundation and memorial scholarships; however, there are also endowment scholarships.

“If I were to donate $10,000 to fund an endowed art and design scholarship in my name, I could identify the ‘Steve Elliott Scholarship’ to be awarded to an Art and Design major,” dean of arts and humanities Steve Elliott said. “The interest from this fund could generate an annual endowed scholarship. Each award is unique by its own design.”

Endowment scholarships are created by donors typically for a specified discipline. However, each award is unique each scholarship may have different rules and requirements.

Many scholarships are due in February, but one remains, recently added to the awards is titled the Service Learning Scholarship.

This scholarship is set up for a student returning for the 2016-2017 school year that has participated in two service learning class experiences and have a minimum of 30 credit hours for the spring 2016 semester.

Any students that have questions about this scholarship or the application can contact Buffany DeBoer at budeboe1wsc.edu or Lisa Nelson at [email protected].

To find information about additional scholarships feel free to visit the college’s website at https://www.wsc.edu/scholarships.