Superpower: stress


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

Man your battle stations: there’s only three weeks of school left. That’s it. That’s just not enough. Not nearly enough.

‘Tis the season for research papers, comprehensive final exams, the dreaded group project presentations and all sorts of other academic tomfoolery. And it’s all due. On the same day. At nearly the same time.

Enjoy your lives for the next three weeks.

We think it’s fair to say everyone’s to-do list is big. That pressure can lead to some pretty hardcore stress.

As media people, we can promise you, if you learn how to master it, you can make stress into a superpower, not a problem.

It’s a common misconception that stress is bad all the time, but that’s simply not true. There’s even a scientific term for beneficial stress—eustress. The difference between the dastardly villain, stress, and the shining hero, eustress, is all in your perspective. The trick, according to, is to not stress about stress. Welcome the worry.

That eustress, can make you smarter…temporarily.

Got a big final coming up in the class you haven’t exactly been the most dedicated to? Worry. Worry moderately and cram like it’s your job.

According to, eustress causes your brain to produce a chemical that strengthens the connections between your neurons, which then boosts your concentration and memory. Embrace the fret while studying, and you actually have a pretty good chance at remembering the material.

Have you been putting off a project? Eustress to the rescue.

If you look at the obstacle facing you as a challenge to be overcome, rather than a roadblock, eustress can help you conquer it. Something about the combination of self-confidence and letting yourself stress (positive manner) about a deadline, can actually help you immerse yourself and focus on achieving your goal.

The end is coming in hot, guys. We’re stressed; you’re stressed; everyone is stressed. If we embrace the eustress, it can make us champions of finals week.