Safety first


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

If last week happened to be a new experience for you, let us break it down.

Springtime in Nebraska is no joke. Occasionally, we will have all four seasons in the span of a couple hours. It can also result in snow. Lots of snow, as we saw last Wednesday and Thursday.

Calling off school is a big decision, and one that, despite this year’s trend, rarely happens.

Faculty and staff have so many days they are contracted to work, and I think everyone can agree that working while school is in session is probably a lot more fulfilling than taking time during the summer to come into the office.

Despite this, Wayne State College has had three snow days this semester, which happens to be three more than any of us have ever had in all of our years here at WSC combined.

We aren’t complaining. We at the Wayne Stater applaud the decision to call off school in all three instances, especially last week’s freak spring snowstorm.

It’s not because we don’t want to have to go to class or we forgot to do our homework. It’s because most of us are life-long Nebraska residents and as such, we know the realities of driving in severe weather.

When you add ice, low visibility and erratic drivers it can become deadly.

Wayne State has so many commuters. Every time classes are held during winter weather, the safety of those commuters is compromised. Some of us have had experiences with compromised safety.

It’s not a great feeling when one has to leave hours earlier because road conditions are terrible and even worse when a car hits ice and goes into the ditch. It happens all the time.

Some faculty and staff members have mentioned that they had already made the journey to campus before classes were cancelled.

Would it have been better to receive the text earlier?

Probably. But, it was nice to get it at all, because the powers that be have not always been so safety-concerned in the past.