Downhill slope


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

We don’t know about the rest of the student body, but the Stater staff desperately needed spring break.

Midterms coincided with the entry deadline for our college media contest. We also had to study for said midterms, finish projects, put out a Stater (of course) and many of us have jobs on top of everything else.

But then the clouds parted, the sun came out and spring break rolled around. Cue the angelic choir and confetti.

Break was glorious. Everyone needs a chance to recharge, and rest assured that most of us took full advantage of that opportunity.

Coming back to school was a little heartbreaking for us, but hey, there’s only one permanent vacation in life and we’re not ready for that trip yet.

The marvelous thing about coming back is that we’re on the downhill slope, people! The semester is almost over, and we are breathing a sigh of relief.

If senioritis or general slacker tendencies are going to present themselves, now is the time, but we beg of you, fight the urge.

We are in the final lap, so now we just need to push and get through it. Don’t forget that the second half of the semester goes faster than the first anyway. It will fly by, folks.

Buckle down on those final projects, study hard and brace yourselves for the glorious end. If we give up now, it will all be for naught.

Yesterday was the Grad Finale for seniors, and our seniors on staff were over the moon. But everyone has something to look forward to.

You’ve probably noticed after our massive snow storm, the weather has become dazzling. Tax returns are coming back, giving people the power to stimulate our economy through frivolous spending. Some of us are looking for our first big-kid jobs or are applying for grad school.

Party hard, Wayne Americans. Study harder, the end is nigh.