Scouts honor


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

When you hear “be prepared,” what do you think?

Most people think of the Boy Scouts. When we think of Boy Scouts, we think of the Pine Box Derby, camping trips and those gloriously fashionable uniforms.

Now think about Girl Scouts. We could only conjure a few things, but it’s not all cookies and badges.

Girl Scouts is a valuable organization for girls to be a part of.

Sure, the cookie selling has its uses. In a world where there are far more male CEOs, it shows young women that they too can be entrepreneurs. It takes guts to go knock on a stranger’s door and try to get them to spend money. It teaches money management and persuasion skill that will be key in their adult lives.

The organization encourages young women to work together. Unfortunately, we live in a society that often leaves women feeling like they have to compete against each other. Reaching girls early and showing them the importance of teamwork is indispensable to creating a future leader.

People of a certain age like to imply that American youth have it too easy. That they have no concept of community or civic responsibilities. Girl Scouts help combat some of those accusations.

Community service is a key component to the organization and teaches young women to think about what they can do for others. Planning community service projects involve critical thinking, analytical skills and time management. The organization teaches responsible citizenship and caring for society’s least fortunate.

Yes, the badges are nice, but they symbolize hard work and accomplishment. Of course, we all look forward to the cookies, but there’s so much more to Girl Scouts. It may not be the flashiest organization in the world, but it gives young women vital skills which they can draw on during the adventure that is growing up.