Cartoon theme for WillyCon this year

Steele Giles, Staff Writer

You’ve got a little over a month before nerds descend upon the campus like a swarm of costumed locusts.

The WSC Sci-Fi Club will be hosting WillyCon from April 8 through April 10, taking over the student center for a weekend of costumes, panels and fun.

Planned activities range from discussions over competitive gaming (be it Pokemon or Super Smash Bros., etc) to tournaments, dance parties, or simply discussing the direction or merit of T.V. shows. They’re as diverse as the interests of the attendees.

Each year carries a theme that the decorations and room name scheme is derived from. In previous years, the theme has been Stargate and post-apocalyptic. This year, the convention is going to be based on cartoons. How exactly the club plans on integrating decades of the art form is foggy, but the organizers seem to have a handle on the idea.

A part of the convention that has stayed the same in recent memory is the skit put on as part of the opening ceremonies. This year, the idea is a bingo night in the old-folks’ home where older cartoons are cared for by the newer generation.

Another staple of WillyCon are the two auctions held on Saturday—the companion auction and the art auction. The art auction is fairly self-explanatory, since a large part of the con’s art room is provided by visiting artists and enterprising students.

The companion auction is a bit less serious, as it is a group of volunteers being auctioned as a sort of compulsory friend for the rest of the day. It’s become a point of pride among participants to fetch the highest bid.

Proceeds from both auctions will be donated to the Haven House here in Wayne.

Anybody looking to host a panel can e-mail their idea to Ron Vick at [email protected]