The Wayne Stater

2016-2017 Staff

Jacob Stewart

Jake Stewart currently lives in Wayne, Nebraska where he graduated from Wayne State College with a degree in Secondary English Education. His short stories have been published in the Judas Goat.

Chad Christensen

Chad Christensen earned his M.S.E. at Wayne State College and his M.F.A. in Writing at the University of Nebraska Omaha. He is currently the managing editor of the WSC Press.

Mason Schweizer

Mason Schweizer is a senior majoring in journalism. He is currently serving as the opinion editor. He loves his Chicago sports teams and the Mod Squad, and hopes to do tons of cool things with his...

Tess Riecke

Tess Riecke is currently a sophomore majoring in journalism with a minor in geography. She serves as the photo editor of the Wayne Stater. Riecke loves ducks and Sporting KC Soccer. Upon graduation...