The Wayne Stater

2014-2015 Staff

Richard Rhoden

Richard Rhoden is the Sports Editor at The Wayne Stater. He is a senior whose major is Journalism. "Anything you need to know comes from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood." "I eat lightning and crap thunder." "Life...

Nikita Rector

Hey Ya'll! I'm Nikita Rector, the Associate Editor in Chief/Website Editor at The Wayne Stater! I am a senior majoring in Business Administration: Marketing, with a minor in Journalism. This website...

Max McElwain

Max McElwain was The Wayne Stater's advisor for more than 13 years. He holds a doctorate from The University of Kansas. Fun Fact: I once drank a beer with Weird Al Yankovic.

Hanna Conrad

Hanna is a senior at Wayne State College. She has a major in English Writing and Literature, and a minor in Journalism. She is the News Editor for the Wayne Stater and says she likes to, "Read, run, and...