Doane Choir returns to WSC

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Alissa Woockman, Staff Writer

When you think of the arts, what comes to mind? You probably would think of things like paintings or plays. Something that might not come to mind is a voice.

It’s something that is apart of all of us but there are no physical aspects that we can actually see or touch like paint on a canvas or clay on a wheel. But like all aspects of art, a voice is something that must be molded in order to reach its full potential.

That is exactly what Doane Choir of Crete, Neb. aspires to obtain. This ambition was very prevalent in their performance last Wednesday at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Conducted by Dr. Kurt Runestad since 2004, this internationally acclaimed choir has traveled all over the world, including tours in Austria, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Switzerland as well as tours around the U.S.

“We are so grateful to get the opportunity to perform here,” Runestad, son of former WSC music professor Cornell Runestad, said. “This will be our second time performing in Wayne.”

The choir performs from a wide spectrum of popular hits to church hymns. The synchronizing coordination of their voices and the dynamic use of loud vocal power and soft whisper-like tones make them extremely successful.

In addition to their performances as a whole, the choir also split up its performers and did several songs with some of their male members in a traditional barbershop quartet style. These performances were prevalent to showcasing their own unique style on traditional pieces.

“The study of music touches on many aspects of the college mission. It is an outstanding way to stimulate inquiry and develop a better perspective on the world,” Runestad said.

Despite being almost three hours from Wayne, it turns out WSC and Doane had some students in common that night. The WSC choir had the opportunity to perform with Doane on some of their spiritual hymns and popular renditions.

“We have students that have attended Doane and transferred to Wayne and vice versa,” Runestad said. “So we were excited to get the chance to perform with the WSC choir.”

During their last song, the choir even invited some of their former students that were in the audience to join them in their rendition of “Precious Lord,” the traditional closing piece for every Doane choir concert.

The group is currently preparing for their “swing into spring” concert in March as well as instrumental performances.

Recordings of the choir are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The music is also sold at most of their concerts.

It was a real treat for music lovers and performers alike to share their voices and their art with the community of Wayne.