WSC ruggers host 80 squads

WSC Tournament proved yet again to be a success on and off the field


Richard Rhoden

The Wayne State women’s rugby team in action against Lindenwood University last weekend in the tournament held in Wayne. Lindenwood delivered the only loss to the WSC team over the weekend.

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

During the March Mayhem tournament at the end of last month, WSC did well despite facing tough teams, dealing with uncooperative weather and taking care of the fields.

Wayne held its own in rugby, with the men’s team going 7-2 and the women’s team 5-1.

Although the Wildcats did well, the weekend wasn’t without challenges, not mentioning the weather.

The women played against several competitive teams, including the full varsity team of Lindenwood. In the end, Lindenwood proved to be the women’s only loss.

The women’s match against Simpson College’s varsity team was a test, dead even for a while, but WSC came out on top.

Another interesting showdown for the women’s team was the marquee game against Arkansas State.

“This is a high end program and we matched up very well with them, and it made us play to our full potential,” Coach Darrin Barner said.

The men’s game against Wisconsin Platte View was interesting, with these teams looking to be fairly even and they will match up again at regionals.

The men’s and women’s teams worked hard that weekend, both on and off the field. As the results show, all of their practice and hard work paid off.

The Wildcats’ rugby teams are both nationally ranked, and they certainly lived up to that title at March Mayhem.

Overall, March Mayhem proved to be a success.

This tournament took nine fields, and 80 teams came to play rugby. Wayne was certainly busy, but everything went smoothly.

“Many of the new teams out of the 80 said they would all return. It was a smooth running tournament and went absolutely perfectly,” Barner said.

The fields were packed with rugby players. Wayne certainly must have made a good impression, as people traveled across the nation or from another country to play. Not to mention everyone that came to support the players and watch rugby.