SAB to host Valentine’s Day Bingo


Infographic by Agnes Kurtzhals

WSC SAB will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Bingo Feb. 9 at 7pm.

Alondra Castillo, News Writer

The Student’s Activities Board will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Bingo on Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Frey conference suite.  

Zaynab Kouatli, the special events coordinator of SAB, has been planning this bingo since last semester and finally hand-picked the prizes in January. When it comes to planning a bingo, Kouatli first speaks with colleagues for feedback and approval, after that, the event moves on to higher ups and booking takes place along with food orders and so on.  

Kouatli is not sure of how much was spent for prizes, but knows it was definitely over $100. Prizes include couples romance games, Squishmallows, and self-love prizes such as heart shaped mirrors and crystals. Kouatli is aware that Valentine’s day can be tough for some.  

“I feel like this could cheer up the singles just because this is a good activity that you can do with your friends,” Kouatli said. “The prizes aren’t like specific to couples, and it’s just like treating yourself to a little fun game of bingo.”  

Kouatli is expecting a little over 100 guests.  

“I think students should attend Valentine’s Day Bingo because the prizes are cute, they’re so cute,” Kouatli said. And the black-out prize is not like anything we’ve ever had before. For the readers, I will tell you the black-out prize is a Lego bouquet.” 

Freshman Choe Lanphier has attended previous SAB bingos before and is planning to attend Valentine’s day bingo.  

“I’m excited to go with my boyfriend and hopefully win some prizes,” Lanphier said. 

After being informed of the prizes available at such bingo, Lanphier expressed how important it is to have self-love prizes available during Valentine’s day.  

“I think it’s a good thing to have self-love prizes,” Lanphier said.  

Lanphier is looking forward to seeing what other Valentine-related events SAB may hold.