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Students Activity Board hosted a gym rat Bingo Jan. 20, 2022

Alondra Castillo, News Writer

Student Activities Board members Zaynab Kouatli and Brittany Ellison hosted a gym rat bingo on Thursday, January 20th in the Frey Conference Suite of the Kanter Student Center.

Ellison is the Health and Wellness Coordinator. For Ellison’s first bingo she collaborated with the Special Events Coordinator of SAB, Kouatli. The duo came up with the idea of a gym rat bingo accidentally. At a SAB meeting, a member was talking about the term “gym rat”, and jokingly suggested that the two should host a gym rat bingo.

“It was kind of basically just a joke, and then I was like you know what, that’s actually like a really good idea,” Ellison said.

Ellison really wanted to target student-athletes with this event. Giving them the opportunity to take time out of their busy schedules and to just have a fun social event.

Ellison handpicked a wide variety of fitness-themed prizes. Prizes included a Fitbit versa two, a massage gun, protein powder, resistance bands, a yoga mat, water bottles, and much

more. The massager was the very first to go. SAB spent a total of about $450 on such prizes, according to Ellison.

The duo was unsure of what turnout for this event would be;, however, they believe that around 100 students attended the gym rat bingo, a very successful turnout for Ellison’s first bingo. The two plan on working together more, hosting more health-wise bingos that focus not only on physical health, but mental, social, and emotional health.

“We’ve done a sleeping one in the past and a self-care bingo, and I think we’ll do something related to that with just like self-care and self-love,” Kouatli said.

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