Safety on Campus

Hayley Ortmeier, Staff Writer

College is a huge transition. It is the first stage of adulthood for most. Students leave their families behind, venturing out into the real world on their own. They finally get to make their own choices and decisions. Although most cannot wait for this to happen, it can also be a scary time.

College has no curfew, so late nights are inevitable and unavoidable. Students may come back to dorms late from work or a night out. Although Wayne is a small college, anything can happen. Four random female students were asked how they stay safe on campus.

“I carry around a little brass-knuckle object but it’s plastic,” said Jill Grovijohn, a freshman majoring in marketing. “Whenever I walk at night, I have it on my fingers.” Grovijohn found the defense tool while shopping and decided it would be a good idea to buy it since she went to college. She also said she would call her roommate or boyfriend while walking to make her feel more comfortable and that she has pepper spray just in case.

A taser was given to Charlie Price, a human services counseling major, as a gift to keep her safe in the dorms. She does not carry it around, but she keeps it in her room just in case.

“I think that campus is pretty safe,” Price said. “I’m not too worried when I’m alone.”

Since campus is in a smaller town, Price said she was glad she did not have to worry about feeling in danger as much as she would in bigger cities.

Emily Ames, a secondary English education major, has made many preventable efforts to stay safe. She has pepper spray, does not walk alone at night, and stays in well-lit areas as much as she can.

“My parents got (pepper spray) for me… as a Christmas present,” Ames said. “They were concerned for my safety.”

Ames only has the pepper spray as a precaution. She said she feels very safe in Wayne.

“My mom got pepper spray for me and my roommate,” Heaven Rush, a criminal justice major, said. “Some people can be disgusting pigs, so girls have to watch out for themselves.”

Rush has made sure to always walk with a friend on and off campus. She thought that vaccines can make the college safer in terms of health and well-being.

“I’m actually on my way to go get my flu shot right now.” Rush thought vaccinations would help with sickness going around campus and flu season.