Three building residents uncover a neighbor’s murder in the thrilling series, “Only Murderers in the Building”

Kaitlynn Breeden, Editor-in-Chief

The thrilling 10-episode murder mystery series “Only Murders in the Building,” follows the lives of three New Yorkers living in the luxury Arconia apartment building, located in the Upper West side of New York.

Mabel Mora, played by Selena Gomez, is from Staten Island, but is currently staying at her aunt’s apartment in the Arconia. She is there to renovate the space, though, she never gets around to having any time to do that through the series.

Charles Haden-Savage, played by Steve Martin, an older gentleman, lives as a struggling actor and tends to stay closed off from others. At a first glance into Martin’s character, Charles is uptight, a tad arrogant, but is mostly sad and lonely and has a difficult time connecting with others. Oliver Putnam, played by Martin Short, is a film director who’s been out of the business for a while, and is struggling to maintain his stay in the Arconia.

The unusual trio meet in the first episode as they all climbed into the same elevator, going about their days. A fourth party, Tim Kono, steps on the elevator before the doors shut. He takes a phone call, sounding distressed while talking to a neighbor, Bunny, about a missing package. He hustles out of the elevator in a hurry, as the other three characters go about their days.

The three don’t see each other again until later in the evening, when the buildings fire alarms go off. A clustered crowd of residents descend the stairs to exit the building, and all gather outside. Most of the building’s residents go to a restaurant down the street to wait to be allowed back into their homes.

Charles finds the last booth among the packed tables and takes a seat, pulling out a handmade murder mystery map. Charles had been listening to a popular true crime podcast called “All is not okay in Oklahoma,” that had him completely entranced, before the fire alarm. Oliver walks into the restaurant and invites himself over to sit with Charles. Seeing his map laid out, he enthusiastically asks for Charles’ opinion about the latest episodes cliff hanger.

While in discussion, Mabel appears by the entrance way looking for a seat. Oliver excitedly invites her over to join them, and once she sees the map, she also asks about the cliff hanger. As they engage in the podcast, the unlikely trio bonds over wine and share wild theories about the next podcast episode. Oliver, and Charles attempt to ask Mabel more about herself, though she remains dismissive and lets them share personal stories of their own instead. They later exit the restaurant, heading back with the crowd to the Arconia.

When arriving they learn that Tim, from the elevator, had been found dead in his apartment. His death was ruled a suicide as he was found with a gunshot wound to the head. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver sneak into the building up to the eighth floor. They immediately begin to do their own detective work to solve the case, as they don’t believe Tim had any conviction to end his life.

Following their favorite true crime podcast, the trio slowly create their very own podcast, to solve the murder of Tim Kono. They call it “Only Murders in the Building” and begin working on the first episode based off their initial developments and ideas. Oliver always has his voice notes app open, ready to record sound bites whenever new information is discovered.

Each episode of the series takes you through the making of their podcast, while they are simultaneously uncovering the murder, and the mystery, of Tim’s life and death. “Only Murders in the Building” expresses an appreciation for podcasts and what they can achieve, leaning in a more earnest direction than a truly critical one.

“Only Murders in the Building” is filled with constant twists and unexpected turns, making it an undeniably binge-worthy show. With each new turn in the investigation, it leaves viewers as desperate as the characters to solve one question- who killed Tim Kono?