Man on the Street – How do students feel about Upper Cafeteria

Alondra Castillo, Staff Writer

Wayne State College offers many places for our students to eat at. From the restaurants in the Lower Gag to Einstein Bros Bagels in the Conn Library, there are many options to choose from. However, most would consider the Upper Gag to be the most frequent place to eat. The Upper Gag offers foods of all sorts, but how do our students feel about it? Six random students were selected to give their opinions on the Upper Gag.

Carmen Westfall, a forensic science major, says her experience has been positive. “My experience has been good. We always come at weird times so there’s not a lot of people in here.”

Westfall goes on to say that her first week here was hectic and it was hard to find a place to sit. However, she is happy to say it has calmed down since then. Westfall for the most part is satisfied with the food being served, but she still discussed some things she would like to see improved. “I think it’s a good variety, but they should switch their set meals more often,” Westfall said. “Like their pizzas, they should have different sets of pizzas more often.”

Jasmin Mendez, a pre-dental hygienist major, frequently eats at the Upper Gag and has been satisfied with the service.

“It’s been good, everyone is super nice including the staff,” Mendez said.

As the conversation flowed, Mendez revealed she did not have many expectations for the Upper Gag.

“I was expecting it to be like this. It’s not too bad but it’s not amazing either,” Mendez said.

Mendez is satisfied with the Upper Gag, but her one wish is for there to be more deserts.

Julio Olvera, a construction management major, finds himself rarely eating at the Upper Gag. His reasoning is diversity.

“Diversity. That’s why I stopped eating there, everything’s fried.”

When it comes to flavor, Olvera finds the food to be somewhat salty.

“Like I said everything is fried and salty, I don’t like salt,” Olvera said.

Olvera finds the staff to be friendly and he is happy with the service, but he personally would like to see an improvement on food.

Caleb Price, a criminal justice major, finds the Upper Gag to be similar to his high school cafeteria. However, he was expecting something more.

“More options. It’s like pasta, burgers, the same thing every day,” Price said. Similar to Olvera, Price rarely eats in the Upper Gag. One of the few complaints Price had was that his food often gets cold quickly. However, he provided some solutions to such problem.

“Like when they get low on stuff, they should make more. Keep it heated instead of sitting out,” Price said.

Abby Johnson, a human services major, has been very satisfied with the service and food. She begins by expressing the staffs’ hospitality and how it makes her feel very welcomed. Johnson goes on to say she can be a picky eater, but she still finds the food delicious. When it comes to the options of food being served, Johnson is pleased with the Upper Gag’s job.

“So instead of just like one option, they have all these different things which is really good because everyone has different opinions on what they like,” Johnson said. Although Johnson is pleased with the Upper Gag’s work, there is one thing she would like to see improved.

“I feel like they need to keep it more fresh. Cause by the time we get there it’s not as fresh,” Johnson said.

Nathan Guzman, a film major, begins by comparing his experience in the Upper Gag from last year to this year.

“You know, I really like being able to serve myself compared to last year,” Guzman said. “Portions man, some people eat more than others. But, it’s a weird adjustment to make, I still don’t know where some of the stuff is there. I enjoy it more as a whole.”

Guzman goes on to express that he is satisfied with the service and the food of the Upper Gag. One thing he would like to see is better pizza. “They either have not enough sauce or too much.”