Wayne State has fulfilled my love of athletics

Austin Svehla, Online Editor

I’ve loved sports since the day I was able to actually process how each different sport works, which was shortly after I could pick up a ball. I’m not just a casual sports fan either. I’m a full-blown sports nerd who spends almost every second of free time I have watching SportsCenter, checking scores or watching the most intriguing live event on TV.

This wasn’t something forced on me either. I started by watching Nebraska football as a young kid like I’m sure most Nebraskans do. I loved every second of that, and soon it was the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, golf, tennis and most major men’s and women’s college athletics. It might not seem realistic to fit all that into my schedule, but as I said earlier, whenever I’m not working, in class or studying, I’m completely emerged in what’s happening in the sports world.

I am an extremely competitive individual, spending my entire childhood in different athletics. With that being said, I never had the talent it takes to continue my athletic career in college. I still compete recreationally in multiple sports because of the competitive nature inside me, but the real reason I’ve never been too disappointed about not being able to compete in college athletics is because of the opportunities I’ve been given to cover sports at Wayne State.

My passion for athletics made my decision to pursue a broadcasting and journalism career rather easy. In high school, schools I visited other than Wayne State were UNL, Midland and Northeast – all good schools. But what sold me on Wayne State was the opportunity to get hands on experience in my area of study right away.

That decision has not disappointed, as I was given the opportunity during the 2018-2019 academic year to cover every varsity sport on campus. I’ve also been given the opportunity to be the sports director for the campus radio station, 91.9 The Cat. This opportunity has allowed me to co-host a sports talk show every Friday. Through each of these experiences, I’ve been able to not only cover a wide variety of Wayne State athletics, but also interview and build relationships with coaches and athletes who help make this school great.

My intent isn’t in any way to toot my own horn about what I do, but rather to put out there that the Department of Communication Arts at WSC has fulfilled each one of my wishes when it comes to what I have desired to learn, along with the chance to immerse myself in athletics. I’ve obviously learned a ton about mass media and what it takes to be a great journalist and broadcaster, but I’ve also been given the chance to do something I truly enjoy.

WSC athletics have become a huge part of my life, and I’m proud to be pursuing a career while being a fan at the same time.