No Christmas

Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

Per usual in Nebraska, we’ve got snow in the middle of November. But this by no means makes it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas this early. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person. But, we are on Thanksgiving, not Christmas. You can’t just skip one holiday and go on to the next one. It’s like skipping one of your children’s birthdays and celebrating the next kid’s instead. It’s rude.

Then you have that one friend that has their decorations up, playing Christmas music and wearing Christmas socks. Yes Maddy Kraft, I’m looking at you. If you’re wondering who that is, it’s just one of my roommates. She is basically Christmas personified and was ready for this holiday since Halloween was over. I am very much the opposite. I think Christmas should start being celebrated when December starts, no earlier than that. I’m also not a huge fan of Christmas music. Let’s be real, they’re all the same just put to different beats and soundtracks. Same with the movies. I do like the decorations though, people are very creative with them and they’re all very pretty.

I’m not saying that people can’t be excited for Christmas. Just wait for the right time is all I’m asking. Let’s all celebrate Thanksgiving and then move to Christmas. Plus, Thanksgiving is literally all about food. How could you want to skip that? So get excited for stuffing your face with tons of food and then you can get all pumped up to go crazy over Christmas.