The Wayne Stater

No Christmas

Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

November 13, 2019

Per usual in Nebraska, we’ve got snow in the middle of November. But this by no means makes it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas this early. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person. But,...

Cru offers worship opportunities

Linnea Vogel, Staff Writer

September 25, 2019

Cru is a weekly event where believers and non-believers can gather together to worship God and hear from Christian speakers, according to co-president Vanessa Hiebner. Hiebner said the goal of Cru is to share the Gospel with students...

How to stream music this holiday season

David Becker, Staff Writer

November 28, 2018

Whether you like it or not, the Christmas season is here. You can see this in town by going to local stores like Rustic Treasures and Shopko and seeing all of the Christmas gear they have out on the floor and the Christmas songs...

Halloween to Christmas

Halloween to Christmas

November 4, 2015