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Justin Yost, Opinion Editor

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Does anyone else just hate snow? I can’t stand it. Let’s be honest, no one actually likes snow.

You can say you like it, but the cons of snow greatly outweigh the pros. Yes sledding and snowball fights are fun, but shoveling and driving in the snow suck way more. Winter doesn’t always have to be cold, and sometimes can be really nice. But when the snow comes you know it’s going to be cold. Walking to class in the snow and cold is the worst.

My roommate and I went to pick up our to-go order at Fiesta Brava around 7:30 Saturday night. It was just another regular Nebraska winter night.

It was actually pretty nice out compared to the polar vortex we endured the week before. With just the smallest hint of a little flurry of snow hitting my windshield. Not even really enough to make me use my windshield wipers or make me worry about the snow that would soon be on to us. We got home, turned on some Game of Thrones and preceded to eat.

Sometime around 9:00 or 9:30 later that night, my puppy Jax started to whimper and scratch at the door. When I opened the door to let him outside, I saw the thing I hate the most. And I was a lot of it.

In just the almost two hours since I had been outside it looked like it had snowed for three days. We had three to five inches of snow in that two hours. While I was filled with hate for what I was seeing, my little chocolate lab mixed with husky could not have been happier. He let his inner husky out and proceeded to dive face-first into the snow. I’m glad someone was happy.

I am originally from Iowa, so I’ve grown up with snow my entire life. Yet when I had the chance to leave and go somewhere warm, I played it safe and stayed close to home. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wayne State and am really happy I came here, but every winter I question myself why I didn’t go somewhere warm.

To their credit the city of Wayne does a great job of clearing off as many main roads as they can. But I have never seen another town that pushes huge piles of snow into the middle of the street. One road in particular I’ve noticed it the worst is Logan Street.

The plows push the snow off the road, but what isn’t pushed off is left in the middle. They try to push out spots for turning lanes, but my little car always has a tough time getting through.

If the snow we got last weekend wasn’t bad enough, Old Man Winter is going to throw more at us this whole week. I am writing this on Tuesday night trying to get my pages laid out before we get another five to eight inches. So much for Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog that predicts the end of winter, saying we would have an early spring.

Welp, I guess I have ranted long enough. If you need me I’ll be sitting over here dreaming of the warm beaches of California.

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Justin Yost, Opinion Editor

Justin Yost is from Logan, IA and graduated from Logan-Magnolia High School in 2013. Justin is a senior and is majoring in Journalism. Aside from writing...

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