I was a P.O.S. and it worked

Prankin’ with Kaitlynn

Kaitlynn Breeden, Reporter

There are a lot of things you can do in 14 hours. You could read a book, throw a party, go to a concert. I spent 14 hours covering the bathroom in my dorm in Gucci wallpaper. I spent the majority of last weekend printing out 150 sheets of paper with a Gucci pattern on it. I used two rolls of tape before I ran out and had to be done for the night, because it was 3 a.m. and everything in Wayne closes at 11 p.m.

So, the next day I went to Shopko and accidentally spent $60 on 32 rolls of scotch tape, 3 poster boards, and four containers of silver glitter. I covered the rest of the walls in Gucci wallpaper, and it turns out, I only needed one more roll of tape. So not only did I surprise my roommates with a Gucci makeover, but I also a brand-new stock pile of 32 rolls of tape taking up a shelf in the closet.

I used the poster boards to draw and cut out the Gucci logo and covered it in silver glitter.

When Sarah came home she decided to bring her parents in. They stayed for a couple minutes and somehow didn’t go into our bathroom and see the wallpaper. After they left I told Sarah I had a surprise for her and had her close her eyes as I led her to the bathroom.

For once in her life, she actually wasn’t mad at me and loved it. Compared to half the things I do that seem to ruin her life, 150 sheets of Gucci wallpaper taped to the wall provided good content for my Snapchat story and a nice home renovation.