Pay wage dissatisfaction lies within the SAB

Austin Svehla, Staff Writer

Wayne State College provides students with an abundance of opportunities to become involved in activities on and off campus through their numerous provisions of intramural sports and academic clubs. These provisions are present to help students get involved in the Wayne State community, get to know new people, and excel in areas they are interested in. Students who opt to participate in these clubs are not paid, with the exception of the WSC Student Activities Board. The fact that the SAB may be getting paid has upset an abundance of students who are a part of other clubs that don’t earn any sort of money.

An anonymous letter was written to the Student Senate in attempt to confirm the allegations that the Student Activities Board earns money, and to express concern over this possibility.

“To begin, if these facts are true, then the SAB executive team is the only group on campus that gets paid for being a part of a club,” the letter states. “We feel like this is not fair because there are other groups on campus that contribute to the student body in many ways that are not compensated for their work.”

The writers of this letter stress the fact that the organization and planning involved in the Board’s schedule can be a large amount of work, but that many of the clubs do an abundance of planning and organizing to enhance the Wayne State College student experience.

“We understand that SAB puts together many events for campus, and we are grateful for their dedication and hard work, but we don’t agree with the fact that the money we pay through fees each semester is being used to fund people’s paychecks,” the letter states. “We believe being a part of SAB should be voluntary just like every other group on campus.”

Another key point the letter makes is that payment of Student Activities Board members effects members of Student Senate as well. A representative of the SAB is chosen by the SAB representatives to attend Student Senate meetings on Sunday nights. The letter states that this representative is paid to attend these meetings, even though members of the Student Senate are not paid.

“We don’t agree with the argument that if SAB executive members did not get paid, nothing would get done,” the letter states. “Student senators have not been paid, nor compensated in any fashion, and yet still get many tasks completed throughout the year that benefits the student body in many respects.”

The writers of the letter also want to make it clear that they do not intend to sound ungrateful for all the hard work the SAB does to put on fun events for WSC students, but rather that they simply disagree with the fact that hard-earned money students earn to attend the institution is being used to fill the lines of a paycheck of other students. They are under the belief that there is a multitude of ways to make Wayne State College a fantastic institution without payment like every other club on campus.

This is an issue that Student Senate plans to examine to a certain extent in the upcoming weeks, and something the writers of the letter hope is taken seriously amongst members of other groups and group leaders across campus.

“We thank you again for giving us this outlet to express our concerns, and unfortunately, we are signing this letter anonymously due to the fear that speaking out will hurt our respective organizations and the way we are seen on campus,” the letter concludes. “We are in no way trying to defame the character of SAB in any manner, and pray this letter is seen out of a place of concern and not one of spite or hatred.”