WSC alumnus talked to students about the biology of LGBTQ+

Clare Ferguson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, students and faculty of Wayne State College gathered to listen about the biology of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

“Dr. Holt is an attending psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in south San Francisco, California,” said Caleb Hayden, a Wayne State College student who introduced Holt.

The speech on LGBTQ+ biology was given by Ron Holt, a psychiatrist and Wayne State College alumnus. Holt outlined several issues and stereotypes faced by the LGBTQ+ community, and how studies have shown that being LGBTQ+ is not a choice.

“Sexual orientation is defined through a person’s thoughts, fantasies and dreams.” said Holt. “As a gay person I have thoughts, fantasies and dreams of people of the same sex.”

Holt explained homosexual and bisexual orientations, and how being bisexual does not mean that their confused about orientation. He also explained, through the Kinsey scale study, that bisexuality is not the same for every person, and that bisexuals may have a higher attraction to a particular gender.

“Transgender is an umbrella term that’s used to describe someone whose gender identity or gender expression is different than the gender assigned to them at birth.” said Holt.

Holt said that being transgender is not about a person’s sexual orientation, but how they feel they are as a person. However, gender does play a role in describing a person’s sexual orientation.

“I’d like to address the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior,” Holt said. “For most of us sexual orientation and sexual behavior are congruent, but not for all of us.”

Sexual behavior is how a people present themselves sexually, while sexual orientation has to do with what a person fantasizes about. According to Holt, a bisexual man who chooses to be only with women is still bisexual, but chooses to present as only heterosexual.

Holt has been working on finishing publication of an untitled book that will be available in December. Holt handed out information to attendees on how to obtain the book for free via once it is available. Holt encourages those interested in his book to contact him or visit his website