Online Stater on its way

Nearly two months after its launch, the website has received over 5,000 views and comment sections have started to expand

Alissa Woockman, Staff Writer

The Wayne Stater has recently added a new digital paper in addition to the printed copy that will allow anyone with internet access to see the latest news on campus. The website had been up and fully functional for more than six weeks now and has been gaining popularity.

According to the website’s viewing reports, the website had received over 5,000 views with people viewing three pages on average per visit. Comments have been growing for sections like the Student Senate meetings and Dr. Leeper’s column.

The website offers a great addition to the printed copy by providing color photo galleries of sports and events on campus, more information on Stater staff members, and links from the articles to the websites for additional information. The website is also linked to the stater’s Facebook and Twitter page to add easier access to stories and connecting students to the website.

“Because the paper only comes out once a week, the events that happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays become less relevant the following week,” Iris Woolery, WSC student, said. “The online issue will be a good way for those events to get proper recognition.”

The paper copy of the Stater comes out every Wednesday. Now that the website is up and running, you can see those stories online as well.

Nikita Rector, the stater’s online editor, is working to keep the website updated. Currently, she adds the most important and time relevant stories on Wednesdays. Then throughout the week, more and more stories from the print copy are added online.

“I’m usually up in the office most of the day Wednesday getting the stories and photos online,” Rector said.

The system is still very new but next fall more of the stater staff will be trained on using the new system so stories can be posted even before the paper edition comes out. The online paper will also be able to post stories that the paper copy won’t have room for and add video and audio from sporting events and campus speakers.

Now that the Wayne Stater is up online and available to anyone, students can get the news on campus faster than ever and keep tabs on future college events.

“A lot of work has gone into creating this online system and it will only grow bigger with time,” Rector said.