Holt Award recognizes community service

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

By the end of the year, you could be $500 richer. The only thing in your way is the Ron Holt Civic Engagement (RHCE) Award application.

The award is for seniors who have worked hard to be involved in both campus life and in their communities. It is given to students to recognize this dedication of service while earning a degree.

Winning the RHCE includes receiving a $500 gift, a commencement recognition, an award luncheon, a trophy and a medal to wear during the graduation ceremony.

This award is provided by Ron Holt, a student athlete who graduated from Wayne in 1989. He is now a clinical psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco.

During his life, Holt has been honored with many awards for his dedication to community engagement and service, including the WSC Alumni Service Award in 2004.

He has also created numerous WSC scholarships and is currently a trustee for the WSC Foundation.

“He started his first scholarship upon his graduation in 1989,” WSC service learning coordinator Lisa Nelson said. “He told me he had to borrow the money, but felt so passionately about giving back to the campus and students because he had such a wonderful experience at WSC.”

Throughout the year, Holt travels to college and university campuses around the United States, giving presentations and holding discussions on LGBT+ issues.

Once a year, during homecoming, he returns to WSC to address gender identity and other LGBT+ concerns.

“I can tell you that Ron is one of the best and brightest, and he is a true friend to the college and to me,” Nelson said.

This is the third year for the RHCE award.

“It took us about a year to plan and organize the process,” Nelson said. “Last year we included a traveling trophy for the campus as part of the award recognition.”

The trophy is currently in Humanities 208, with the past two winners’ names engraved on it.

“I would encourage you to stop in and see it for yourself. It is really beautiful,” Nelson said.

To fill out the application for the RHCE, a senior needs to read over the application criteria, which is posted on e-campus and the Service-Learning web page.

Some of the criteria include a minimum 2.5 GPA, one Service-Learning experience, and campus and community leadership roles.

Applications will be reviewed by a five-person team that includes both campus and community members. Deadlines for the applications will be Tuesday, April 5, by 4 p.m.

For any other questions contact Lisa Nelson at [email protected] or 402-375-7182.