Erin Suckstorf is living the dream


Photo By Melanie Alyea

Erin Suckstorf is an office assistant in Gardener Hall.

Melanie Alyea, Sports Editor

If marrying your high school sweetheart isn’t everyone’s dream, then coming to work for Wayne is.

Erin Suckstorf, who is an office assistant in Gardner Hall, is living both those dreams.

As an office assistant who specializes in the school of business and technology, Suckstorf is “like a jack of all trades.” She works with students who change their major and need an advisor, but also helps the dean with any projects he may have going.

“Don’t be afraid to come ask questions about your advisors, changing your major, class times or anything else. I’m here to help,” Suckstorf said.

Likewise, she helps faculty members by making copies, putting together packets and anything else they might need.

“All the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the office run smoothly is probably handled by either me or my coworker,” Suckstorf said.

Suckstorf, who is married to one of the WSC track and field coaches, Brett, has been an office assistant for Gardner for over two years now.

“I enjoy working with the students, but mostly my coworkers and faculty members make the job great. I’m biased, but I think we have the best faculty on campus in Gardner,” Suckstorf said.
In her free time, Suckstorf likes to spend it with her husband and two kids, but she also turns into a bookworm.

“I really love to read books when I can find the time,” Suckstorf said. “My dad and I read a lot of the same books so we can discuss each one after we’ve both read it.”