College students throw softball question and tomatoes at presidential candidates

Trump ducks in Iowa City

Brandon Hofstra, Staff Writer

IOWA CITY, Iowa— Donald Trump’s face was a little more red after a protester in Iowa City chucked two tomatoes at him late last month.
Andrew Alemao, 28, was arrested during a Trump rally on Tuesday, Jan. 26, in Iowa City.


Alemao was taken into custody by the Secret Service and members of the University of Iowa Police Department immediately after throwing the tomatoes at Republican presidential candidate Trump, according to KCRG, a Cedar Rapids television station.


But the question arises, who is Andrew Alemao?


He’s been dubbed the “tomato-boy” and “the greatest American hero.” Social media has also given the un-masked hero multiple Facebook pages, a website, and a guide on how you can impact the community (by growing tomatoes).


Some citizens are also praising the work of tomato-boy, saying, “we salute you sir for your honorable deeds,” and “next time try throwing these,” with an attached picture of a can of tomato soup.


Andrew also goes by the stage name “Andrew Mao” in his hippy-hardcore, militant psychedelia, weapons-grade flower power band, “Vietcong Man Son.”


This reporter had the “honor” of spending time with Andrew “Tomato-Boy” Alemao. While I attended the University of Iowa, I was in a three-hour night class once a week with Andrew.


Within the first hour of class, I picked up on what Andrew is all about. To say the least, Andrew is a very free-spirited, open-minded, far out individual.


Alemao tried starting a GoFundMe account to raise enough money to pay the fine he received, but the account was removed for violating the terms.


Alemao was charged with disorderly conduct punishable by a fine up to $625 and/or imprisonment for up to 30 days, and was released from custody the following morning.