Taekwondo in Wayne

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

Taekwondo is alive and well at Wayne State College.

A testing was held for students in December, and all students advanced in rank.

“I think it’s so rare to see a college the size of Wayne have a martial arts program like this,” adjunct communication arts professor Mike White said.

At WSC joining the Taekwondo club is not only available to all students but also made affordable at $40 for the whole year.

As a sophomore, White helped start up the first martial arts program at WSC. Currently, White is a sixth degree black belt and is in charge of five different Taekwondo clubs in Sioux City.

White has 33 years of experience practicing martial arts.

“I am actually a professional martial artist who moonlights as a teacher,” White said.

Brandon Geary, second degree black belt, had the idea to restart the Taekwondo club at WSC and he is now in charge.

White helped train Geary in Taekwondo, but at WSC White said he mostly only comes for testings and promotions.

Geary, who leads training, said that his favorite experience in Taekwondo was when he went to Colorado Springs for an international tournament.

“What made this trip so memorable was the fact that we were able to train and have fun while competing at the international level,” Geary said. “To sweeten the deal, we were able to bring home numerous gold and silver medals.”

The first tournament in 2016 will be held Feb. 6 in Sioux City, where approximately 200 competitors are expected from across the Midwest, including members from WSC.

“What has really gotten me interested in Taekwondo is the fact that I am never done learning. There is always something new to learn or attempt, there are many competitions to go to, and people to meet,” Geary said.

Anyone is welcome to participate or watch during designated practice times. Prior martial arts experience is not required, so all students are encouraged to come.

Practices are held on Sundays at 5 p.m., Tuesdays at 8 a.m. and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the Rice stage.

Anyone who has questions or is interested in joining can contact Brandon Geary at [email protected] or (712) 389 8199.