Ketelsen brings postive mental attitude to the Kanter Center

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

During the winter, students trudge through the Kanter Student Center without a second thought of what dirt, snow or salt they bring in with them. But regardless of the weather, the building is always clean.

This is thanks to people like Rebecca (Becky) Ketelsen, a custodian in the Kanter Center.

Ketelsen has worked as a custodian at Wayne State College since June 1, but before becoming a custodian, she had previously worked as a supervisor of Chartwell’s in Cat’s Corner.

“My favorite thing about WSC is interacting with the students and staff. Everyone is very friendly,” Ketelsen said.

As a custodian, Ketelsen has to clean almost everything, but her least favorite thing to clean is windows.

“Cleaning windows is no fun, so please don’t smudge the glass in the doorways,” Ketelsen said.

She is also a big advocate for recycling.

“Please recycle, we (the custodians) see so many recyclable items being thrown away,” Ketelsen said. “It would be nice to see our recycling containers fill up faster than our trash containers.”

During the summer, Ketelsen enjoys hobbies such as camping, fishing and drinking with friends, but during the colder months, she likes to stay in, read books and watch movies. She also spends her time collecting marbles.

Ketelsen is a very relaxed person and enjoys her day-to-day life, always having a smile on her face.

“A unique thing about me is I don’t sweat the small stuff,” Ketelsen said. “Everyone I see or talk to are always stressed out about something, but I’m always smiling. They don’t pay me enough to stress out about work.”