Chuckles in ‘Cats Corner

Two comedians performed at Comedy Caravan last Wednesday


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The Fryman, who headlined the show, was the second performer and kept the crowd laughing.

Norma Volkmer, News Editor

“Jeffrey Dahmer ate more people than this,” headline comedian The Fryman said.

Despite the small size of the crowd, laughter abounded last Wednesday night at the 9 p.m. Comedy Caravan presented by the Student Activities Board.

The show opened with comedian Doug Stone. Stone used a lot of typical college comedy—jokes about immature topics such as drugs, drinking and sex. Immature material, but still funny, especially to several the guys in the audience.

Stone’s delivery was solid, and he pulled laughs without fail. However, his best stuff of the night was his bit about trying to lose weight and food addiction.

“My heroin costs a dollar. Food is a drug,” Stone said. “You don’t even know you’re part of the drug deal sometimes. You ever gone to Applebees? They have a to-go pickup, and that’s a drug deal.”

It was the headline act, the Fryman, who stole the show. He walked on the stage bashing Iowa, always a popular topic at Nebraska shows.

His jokes ranged greatly from Jeffrey Dahmer to his night out with a paraplegic man after a show to television shows and Gilligan’s Island.

“TV’s crazy now. TV was simple when I was a kid. We had Lassie, the Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island. You ever watch Gilligan’s Island? Gilligan’s Island was a great show,” the Fryman said. “The Professor was the sh**. He could make anything. He made pancake syrup out of tree sap. That dude, he made a generator out of a bamboo bike. He made a telephone out of a coconut. Then they were like hey Professor, let’s make a raft, and he was like sh**, can’t help ya.”

It was a great show, both comedians bringing the laughs. Stone has worked with some of the U.S.’s top comedians and has performed at comedy festivals and in specials around the country.

The Fryman has been on both NBC and BET, as well as performing in over 40 states and 250 cities in his more than 20 years in the comedy circuit. He has also done shows overseas at military bases.