Council revisits loans for downtown remodeling


Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

There was much discussion between Wayne City Council members in last night’s meeting in regard to money and projects.

One of these projects included the remodeling of the properties on 200 and 202 Main St.

The plans are to remodel the buildings into office spaces and provide the ability for people to rent out the space, which will require a $40,000 loan.

The trouble was that council members didn’t want to repeat a situation in which a person requested to renovate the same buildings but did not follow through with the plans that were originally drawn. In the end, the loan was given.

A loan for $50,000 with 3 percent interest for 3 years was granted for Beck Ag. Inc. to relocate from Mineshaft Mall to College Plaza for future growth.

There was also a review of the 2015 audit, which had a strong review over all, with the town’s finances described as being in good shape.

McLaury Engineering Inc., a new company in town, presented themselves with a proposal to design the 4th street project.

Details on the project have yet to be released. The overall vote was tied, with concerns of having not much prior information as far as the quality of the work.

The mayor decided to grant McLaury the project.

A new member was added to the Wayne volunteer fire department. Brock Hunter was granted the approval to join.

The next city council meeting will be held Feb. 2 at 5:30.