Letter to the Editor

Blythe Spindler, 2009 Alumna

Late this past Wednesday evening, I received word that Dr. Karen Walker was dismissed as a psychology professor at Wayne State College. This was disheartening and upsetting. I do not know every detail, but I know this much: Dr. Walker and Dr. Leeper as well as Dr. Snowden and Dr. Blankneau shaped me as a person and were vital to my college education and experience. They each molded me to voice my opinion and speak up when I needed to speak up. So I’m speaking up.

Wayne is making a mess and a huge mistake. To dismiss an employee in the middle of a semester is unprofessional and proves that Wayne does care about the students. It has left students, who were in the middle of senior projects, at a stand-still. Who does that? How can Wayne say that are for the students? At this point, they can’t.

I graduated seven years ago, and I have real-world experience. I have learned that when you speak up, rock the boat, stand up for what you believe in, advocate, keep it real and honest, people dislike you and will try to make your life a living hell.

I spoke to the president [Rames] last week as well as Dr. Carstens [vice president and dean of students]. They ensured me that they didn’t know the details, that it was a personnel matter and that the entire process would be fair and has already gone through the channels.

In the real world, if you speak up, there will be someone that doesn’t like you, and just for that. I believe this is why Dr. Walker lost her job; because she spoke her mind, and people didn’t like her for that. I believe this reason—that she was vocal—was why they got rid of her. People are intimidated by someone who keeps it real and isn’t afraid of what people think.

I speak from personal experience—when you speak up, people will do anything they can to make sure you are silenced. Shame on Wayne State for what they have done. Wayne needs to correct this matter and hire Dr. Walker back.