Nonsense with Nick

Nick Junck, Columnist

How rude. How rude of us to overlook the amazing turkey and its holiday of Thanksgiving. I mean really, aren’t we? It seems as if Halloween comes along, gets over, and boop, Christmas. Doesn’t it?

I feel as if we cannot skip over Thanksgiving because why?

Well the food of course, among other things like football, the holiday parade and the fact that it’s a national holiday.

How would you feel if you were the holiday turkey and nobody appreciated you! It’s a pretty big honor it itself to be a holiday let alone a holiday animal!

And the FOOD!

What a feast. Cranberry sauce, corn, buns, chicken, probably some sort of potatoes, and, of course, turkey are just some of the foods you are bound to find at your Thanksgiving feast.

Have you ever been in the situation where you find yourself in line for food and your hands are holding the plastic plate that you get while your fingers tap on the side of the plate while anxious to take that first scoop of food? After every person finally goes through the line you are at the front.

You see the foods such as the pickles, olives, carrots, and other crap like that which only deter you from the real food. But wait! There’s more! Roll, green bean casserole, potatoes and gravy! Oh yummy, (Is it sad that while I write this, I am unbelievably starving?) Plate full and you sit down and gorge till you cannot gorge no more.

There’s still food on your plate though. So what do you do? go to the classic unbutton your pants trick.

Now you eat a little more, because of course you have to try again. And the gall, the gall your grandmother musters up to look over at you from across the table and say to you, “Well, it seems as if somebody’s eyes are bigger than their stomach.” To which I look at them with a big scowl on my face and say, “Maybe so, but by golly it was delicious!”

Isn’t that one of the main points of Thanksgiving, fill my belly and be in agonizing pain as I try and slink down to the couch and take a nap while relatives watch the parade or the football game? I like to think so.

And there is always that little kid who gets yelled at for spilling his drink all over the table or something. Then getting yelled at for not eating his food just like me.

I kind of feel bad for the kid after I don’t even eat all my food, but I can’t help but to look at him and get a big smirk on my face while laughing in my head. “Lol.”

This is why we must cherish Thanksgiving. Do not relish in the fact that Christmas is only X amount of weeks away. I mean, Christmas is pretty chill and everything, but it will come, not point in rushing it. Plus, who likes the darn cold anyway? Not me, that’s for sure.