Allens brings passion to WSC

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

After previously living in six different states (California, Wyoming, Utah, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Minnesota), Dr. Jeff Allen, a new professor in the technology and applied science department, has finally settled down in Nebraska.

Allen was born in the industrial town of York, Penn., but moved to Los Angeles at the age of three when his father got a promotion to the big city. Allen continued to live in Los Angeles until he left for college.

He attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif., where he received his bachelor’s degree, before earning his master’s degree from Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Allen continued his education and attended West Virginia University to earn a doctorate.

His first teaching job was in Worland, Wyo., where he taught five years of high school auto diesel mechanics. He has also taught part time at a junior college, a university and a “career college.”

“I’ve substituted K-12 in several districts around the country where [my wife and I] have lived,” he said. “Any class where I have substituted should remember Dr. Alien.”

Allen is very passionate about teaching and believes every student has something to offer in and outside the classroom.

“Every student has a remarkable, and sometimes unknown to them, creative ability to rise a challenge,” Allen said. “The greatest satisfaction in my interactions is knowing for certain that our future is going to be in great hands as these students head out into the world.”

Besides teaching, Allen has many other passions, including working on cars, going to auctions for Disney and Tonka products and gardening.

“I left a hobby orchard of 20 plus trees behind in Minnesota, so I’m trying a little Bonsai gardening at my rental house. A dwarf orange tree will be the first victim of the shears,” Allen said.

He also enjoys music and working out to music.

“On my ‘big picture list’ is to start a cycling class. If anyone else is interested in biking to music, I’d be happy to lead for free,” he said.

In the past few years, Allen has had some major medical problems. Three years ago, he had a heart attack, followed by quintuple bypass surgery, followed by an implanted defibrillator.

“I am now rebuilt hydraulically, upgraded electrically, and while most people who hit the ground are in serious trouble, I am fully designed and equipped to reboot,” Allen said.

After accepting the job at Wayne, Allen left his previous home and family in Fridley, Minn., to work at the school.

“My youngest son is finishing his senior year of high school in Minnesota, so my wife is keeping things together this school year. Next year he is off to college, so more changes will be in store as my wife and I will be empty nesters,” Allen said. “I hope our house sells quickly and she can join me early this summer to get a permanent housing solution here in Wayne.”