Replacing pipes in town


Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

Plans were submitted for the Logan Valley Drive water and sewer extension project at the Wayne City Council meeting on Oct. 20.

The project is estimated to cost $130,000. The city of Wayne is extending many pipes, such as sewer lines and fire hydrant pipes, along Logan Valley Drive. The project is expected to start in the spring of 2016, and there will be an extension of 1,200 feet, which is estimated to take 6-8 weeks to complete.

The Wayne Green Team went to a luncheon in Lincoln to accept the award of Green Team of the Year recently. They have done many projects to help with the community, such as putting recycle bins right next to trash cans, which has made a huge difference.

Also, the Green Team played the movie “Bag It,” which is a documentary about how plastic and paper bags negatively affect the environment, and talked about how reusable bags really help. There was also a day spent collecting electronics to recycle, and the team collected over ten tons of electronics.