Take a stroll on campus, view the art


Photo By Derek Pufahl

The WSC Writing Club read aloud fiction, non-fiction and poetry in front of the Kanter Student Center for Artswalk.

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

The Artswalk showcased different styles of art and performance throughout the campus and community of Wayne last week.

All four departments in the School of Arts and Humanities were involved this year, and this event included more participation and individual events than ever before, including adding the writing club for the first year.

“People seemed to react well to the quote cards we made, and at least a few listened to our poetry even if just in passing,” writing club president Stephanie Hempel said.

Multiple media were presented on campus–music, writing, acting and painting to name a few–and from Tuesday to Friday the arts were prevalent around campus.

“WSC has a strong tradition of literary, visual and performing arts. Each year the school hosts nearly 100 programmed events, which offers us the opportunity to showcase the talents of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and visiting artists and scholars,” Dean of Arts and Humanities Steve Elliott said.

The art and design and music departments are nationally accredited with the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design and the National Association of Schools of Music. This passion and professionalism was shown throughout campus during events and demonstrations.

The Artswalk provided a good stage for the arts, not only for performance, but as a way to get people involved on campus.