Clubs compete in the Willy Olympics


Photo By Emma Krause

Clubs and organizations compete against one another in various games including a three-legged race.

Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

There were flying water balloons and students tossing eggs as the an­nual Willy Olympics took place in front of Berry Hall on Thursday.

A collection of various clubs competed against each other to win the title as winner of the Willy Olympics. There were fun events, including a frozen t-shirt contest where students had to try to thaw a frozen t-shirt, and then wear it.

The next event was the egg toss, where every time an egg was caught, one of the competitors had to take a step back. The game went on for a while, and it came down to three teams. Those three teams ended up having a three-way tie.

A water balloon toss then took place, where four people from each team had to toss a water balloon to each other using only bed sheets. After the balloon was caught, one side had to take a step back. The Science Fiction club ended up as the winner of that event.

Students then had to put on clothes and take them off as the next event was a clothing run. Students were given a shirt, pants, tie and a belt, which had to be quickly put on, then they had to run to their other teammates on the other side, then quickly take off the clothes for the other team members. The winner of that was PRIDE.

Students had to tie their ankles together for the next activity for the three-legged races. There were two teams for each club, making it a relay. They had to run from one side to the other, and then back, and then the next two people from the same club had to do the same thing.

After all of this, the points from all of the events were tallied up, and the top three teams were announced. In third place was Zeta Tau Omega, second place was Delta Sigma Pi and, taking the gold, was SCEC (Student Council for Exceptional Children).