Shortsleeve weather for parade


Photo By Tess Riecke

Dr. Rames and her husband led as the first float in the parade on Saturday.

Melanie Alyea, Sports Editor

College students and citizens alike lined up their lawn chairs along Main Street to watch floats of organizations and clubs of Wayne State College pass by in the Wildcat Days parade last Saturday.

The floats were decorated in flatbed trailers, pick-up truck beds, cars or even groups walking along in the parade to represent each organizations. Each float was decorated in a way that carried out the 2015 Wildcat Days theme, “Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat.”

Each float was judged off of a six-point scale in the categories of color, form and design, originality, materials, workmanship and the unity of the overall product.

Many floats were entered into the parade but only three organizations could win a prize for their efforts. This year the judges deemed drama club to have the best float of the day, gifting the club a $75 gift card.

In second place was Zeta Tau Omega who received a $50 gift card and PRIDE took third place, earning a $25 gift card for their float.