Jensen gives back to community

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

When students think of WSC employees, they usually consider professors or custodians.

But hardly anyone thinks of the maintenance workers.

Jason Jensen is a maintenance repair worker in the energy plant located on Lindahl Dr., right next to the football stadium.

His responsibilities include operating and monitoring a high pressure steam boiler system and a chilled loop system. He also makes sure everything in the plant is in operating condition.

“The energy plant operates 24/7, so someone is always here regard­less of holidays or weekends,” Jensen said. “We work off of a 10-day rotating schedule with days off in between.”

Jensen is originally from O’Neill, but he has lived in Wakefield for the past three years and started working for WSC in November 2013. He was laid off for four months due to broken feet, but quickly returned to Wayne after recovering in October 2014.

“My favorite part of working at Wayne is knowing that I work a job that helps support the students and its staff so they can complete their overall mission,” Jensen said.

Before Wayne, Jensen was in the Army and was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan for a year.

“I am currently a sergeant and have served over 17 and a half years in the Army, with three years in the active Army and 14 and a half years in the Nebraska Army National Guard,” Jensen said.

He is also the quartermaster/adjutant in the Wakefield Veterans of Foreign Wars.

In his down time, Jensen enjoys writing, woodworking and watching sports with his children.

“I am a sports writer for the Wake­field Repub­lican, and I also enjoy writing military veteran articles,” Jensen said.

He is also a huge supporter of Wayne’s community and does what he can to help.

“It is important to me to be involved with the community out­side of work and to give back to make it successful,” Jensen said. “I hope student’s follow and support community functions.”