Piano duo ‘Danced’ in Ramsey


Lauren Deisley

Dr. Linda Christensen and Mr. Phil Pfaltzgraff performed “Dr. C and Mr. P” last night in Ramsey Theatre. Their show was called “Dance Music and Other Stuff.”

Lauren Deisley, Lifestyles Editor

Dr. Linda Christensen and Mr. Phil Pfaltzgraff performed “Dr. C. and Mr. P.” in Ramsey Theatre last night.

They named their program “Dance Music and Other Stuff.”

The first half of the concert consisted of piano duets from Ireland, all by female Irish composer Joan Trimble.

Christensen explained how she discovered the music when the music department toured Ireland in 2004.

The other half of the performance was filled with more fun and challenging music, including “Three Waltzes,” which is a compilation of Disney tunes, or which Christensen and Pfaltzgraff lovingly nicknamed “Disney on Crack.”

“I thought the performance was absolutely stellar,” WSC student Emily Moore said. “They were so in sync and not just in the music.”

Two pianos were set facing each other on stage, and Dr. C. and Mr. P. used technology to accomplish the monumental task of playing a large amount of repertoire, but only having two hands each.

Instead of multiple books of sheet music, they used iPads with the music loaded directly onto the devices, using a special bluetooth pedal to turn each page.

“I’m just so thankful to be in such a place where I have the opportunity to do something like this,” Christensen said.

She said it was a challenge practicing the music in between all of her lessens and ensemble work, but the audience definitely enjoyed it and even asked for an encore. Which they received.

“Their personalities played off each other so well it just made the whole concert fun,” Moore said. “I wish they would have played the whole concert twice.”