Supporting support staff


Photo Courtesy Amanda Hank

Hank, support staff senate vice president, has been at WSC for almost 14 years.

Melanie Alyea, Sports Editor

Everyone on campus knows who the professors are and what their jobs are, but not many people are aware of the support­ing staff our school employs.

Support staff are the people who work for WSC that keep the school running smoothly, like office assistants, accounting clerks and custodians.

Here at Wayne, Amanda Hank is the support staff senate, vice president.

“My main duty as the Vice-Chair is to touch base with new support staff employees and inform them about the senate as well as encourage them to get involved,” Hank said.

Hank has lived in the Wayne-Carroll area her whole life and has a very active life outside of work. Her boyfriend is currently a night supervisor at a local business in Wayne, and she also has three children whose extracurricular ac­tivities, like sports, keep her busy throughout the day.

“If I’m not working or in class, I’m busy with my family,” Hank said.

Although Hank enjoys her job, being a senate vice president wasn’t in her original field of study.

“I graduated college with an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, but took the job at WSC when it was offered to me,” Hank said. “I’m currently finishing up a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology because that is still my main area of interest.”

Hank is currently going on her 14th year as the support staff senate vice president.

“I didn’t anticipate staying so long, but it’s been a great experi­ence that I’ve enjoyed,” Hank said.