‘Dishonored,’ good enough for goosebumps

PlayStation 4 video game is worth extra playtime

Alec Nielson, Guest Writer

“Dishonored” is the tale of a man seeking redemption from a corrupt government during the middle of a massive war and a plague that is wreaking havoc on the poor and downtrodden.

In the game, you play the char­acter Corvo, with otherworldly abilities and stealth tactics that can inflict chaos upon your foes with such an insane fury it would make the apocalypse look like a bad snowstorm.

The gameplay flows with each choice you make, like a “choose your own ending” novel; whether or not you decide to be a harbinger of Death or the second coming of Christ, this game holds your attention and helps you strive for either choice.

Although it can be annoying that we still live in a world where you have to play a game three or four times just to make sure you can get the good and bad ending, “Dishonored: The Definitive Edi­tion” for PlayStation 4 is worth the extra playtime.

The story itself is nothing new: Man is supposed to protect woman, woman dies and man is framed, man goes on the run and must work with the resistance to bring down the cor­rupt government.

We have seen and/or heard this be­fore when Arkane Studios released the original edition in 2012, so why should we be willing to dish out up to $40 for the new Definitive Edi­tion? Especially for those who’ve not only played this game, but have gone through it two or three times, including the downloadable content (DLC).

In my opinion, and because of my current console choice, this game will last through the test of video game times. When this game was first introduced, most gamers likened this to the original “Thief” games and their fascination of a man in the shadows doing the whole Robin Hood escapade, meanwhile using different weapons and styles of fighting to complete the mission.

“Dishonored: The Definitive Edi­tion” gives new and old players a fresh feeling of the construct of what a good game should do while main­taining new ideas and gameplay.

Even if you have played the origi­nal and its DLC, you should go out and support this game again because of the multitude of ways to play, not to mention “Dishonored” has all the elements that a good, wholesome action-adventure RPG should, with stealth and horror mixed in.

And if anything, go to YouTube and listen to the cover of “Drunken Whaler,” the game’s theme song, sung by a young girl, and convince yourself that it does not give you the goosebumps.

Drink up me hearty’s yo-ho.