Meeting of the minds

Buffett scholarship recipients form study group in Upper Deck


Derek Pufahl

Freshman Odalys Almaraz a Susan Thompson Buffett recipient is studying in the Upper Deck along side other scholarship recipients.

Jordyn Bottrell, Staff Writer

Students and faculty may begin to notice a group of studious Wildcats in the upper deck of the lower cafeteria on Tuesday evenings this semester.

Mary Carstens, Wayne State College’s learning skills specialist, reserved the area for the Susan Thompson Buffett scholarship recipients of WSC.

From 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights, these scholarship recipients have a space dedicated to them, so they are assured a spot to study and a group to study with. Carstens reserved the area through the Student Activities Board, as well as Chartwells.

The Susan Thompson Buffet scholarship was awarded to 240 of our current Wayne State students.

In order to receive the scholarship, you must be a Nebraskan in financial need or a first-generation college student. To keep their scholarships, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and must take at least 18 credit hours over two semesters. The scholarship is good for five years, including summers, and covers tuition, books and fees.

Carstens said she wanted to have the study nights in order to help the students make connections with each other. She is also hoping to make the group into a club or student organization; they already have a club t-shirt in the process of being designed and delivered.

The group meets once a month to discuss the scholarship and other opportunities for students. One advantage of the Susan Thompson Buffett scholarship is that it can also cover a semester abroad.

Carstens has a few more ideas up her sleeve for this prospective club, and it’ll be exciting to see this group become a prominent organization at Wayne State.