‘Flex’ible with our money

Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

If you print out your receipts in the lower cafeteria, you might’ve noticed that after the first week of school, your flex dollars had been reset to its original amount.

Thanks to some of the students that noticed, it was brought to Mike Carlson’s attention. Carlson, Chartwell’s new director, was very grateful for the students that went into his office or talked to some of the employees.

“It was the students’ honesty and integrity that brought it to our attention,” Carlson said.

Every Saturday night, meal plans are set back to their original amount, whether that be 19, 15, or 10 and so on. However, the computers also set back the flex dollars to the original amounts.

After being told what happened, Carlson and a few co-workers jumped to action into fixing the issue before the next Saturday night.

The reset couldn’t be reversed, so what they did was go through each student [that was affected] and set the numbers back to where they’re supposed to be. There were quite a few students affected, and Carlson estimates that they reset about 350 names a day in the second week of school.

Carlson was thankful that they could get that accomplished before the next meal reset.

“I’m glad we caught it in the first week,” Carlson said.

Everything is now back to the way it was, thanks to some of the students and faculty that helped make that happen.