Marching with Vader

Pride of Wayne State chooses Star Wars theme

Lauren Deisley, Staff Writer

“No matter what the score is on the board, we’re there.”


Senior Jake Anderson, co-drum major of the Pride of Wayne State, thinks this year’s marching band season will be an exciting one.

This year’s theme comes from a galaxy far, far away and the band is more than happy to be performing the music from the Star Wars films.

“The most difficult part of choosing this year’s music was in choosing which songs to use,” Dave Bohnert, Director of Bands, said. “There are so many great songs to choose from.”

The music from Star Wars was composed by John Williams.

Whether the audience has seen Star Wars or not, the Wayne State band is playing tunes that may still sound familiar.

“Having never seen the movies, the music itself makes me really want to watch them,” Anderson said. “It has its challenges, but it’s some really great music and I’m excited about this season.”

The Pride of Wayne State is bigger this year than it has been in nearly 20 years. It is the second largest college marching band in Nebraska, second only to the UNL marching band.
“We’ve grown around six to ten students a year for the past few years,” Bohnert said.

Bohnert has been with Wayne State for 18 years and attributes the band’s recent success to the local outreach. In the past few years, the Wayne State Marching Band has performed at the Nebraska State Bandmaster’s Association (NSBA) State Marching Band as an exhibition band, as well as performing with area high schools.

“High school students see what we do and want to be part of it,” Bohnert said. “Our energy and fun is appealing and draws students in.”

Senior music major Adrian Campos says that the band’s energy is what makes this year’s show interesting.

“The music is stronger and the focus is higher,” Campos said. “We have a lot of fun while making music.”

This year is Campos’ final year. He explained that the marching band is like one large family, supporting each other, as well as the college.

Junior co-clarinet section leader Laura Guenther agreed.

“We’re here for the community and for the college,” Guenther said. “Everyone is invited to join the fun.”

The leadership team, or section leaders, changes every year. With a newer leadership team, as well as incoming freshmen, the “personality” of the band changes.

“I love being a section leader,” Guenther said. “It makes me a better musician.”

The Wayne State Marching band will be stepping off the marching season with a performance this Thursday night at Norfolk High School, sharing a show with the high school band before the Pride of Wayne State has their first performance at this Saturday’s home football game.