Learning curve for wrestling squad

Samantha Roh, Staff Writer

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The Wayne State College Wrestling Club faced tough competition last weekend in the Briar Cliff Open.

Multiple wrestlers went 1-2, which happened to be the best record posted by any WSC wrestler on the day. Sophomore Matthew DeGarmo won one and lost one before an injury forced him out of the Open.

Freshman Devon Rupp picked up his second college victory and fell one point short in his other two matches.

“Rupp has been a very welcomed addition to the team and is working in well with his new teammates,” coach Greg Vander Weil said.

Rupp agreed he is fitting in well with the team after joining at semester.

“The team practices the way that I did in high school,” Rupp said. “We go into the practice room and get done what we need to.”

Rupp didn’t have a problem hitting the mats again.

“The technique of the sport stays with you, it is just the conditioning that had to come back,” Rupp said. “In college, though, I am quickly realizing that to succeed, I will need to pick up a move or two.”

Although WSC didn’t pick up many wins at the Briar Cliff Open, Vander Weil said he doesn’t know what they would have done differently to prepare.

Looking into the final stretch of the season, Vander Weil said the young guys are improving but need to have patience.

There will be a break between the last open of the season and conference when the team will “recharge and focus on getting healthy.”

Vander Weil said the team will need to practice on fine-tuning, mental preparation and confidence before conference.

Wrestling National Collegiate Wrestling Association teams this weekend is the team’s focus now.

“We will get in the right arena for everyone to hopefully have success,” Vander Weil said.

After wrestling at Winona, the WSC club is looking forward to hosting conference on March 1.