Feline Feelings and Modern Musings: Closing the WSC chapter


Tiffinie Randall, Staff Writer

Wow. Spring arrived before any of us could mark it and already its began the downhill slide into Summer. For most of us, that means freedom from the responsibility of classes; for a few, that freedom will last forever.

Yes, Cats, the smell of graduation ceremonies is mingling in the air with the fragrance of freshly-sprung flowers and it’s a little bittersweet for some graduates. Wayne, America has been a happy home for several years now (shout-out to all those students finishing their “victory laps”) and the notion of closing the chapter here at WSC in lieu of the next big ol’ adult life chapter is daunting.

There are too many goodbyes to give, too much love to pack into cardboard boxes, too few adventures finished. Suddenly, the sunshine in my eyes makes me squint and furrow my brow while wishing for the cooler days of Winter again, and with it, more time with my soon-to-leave friends.

We’ll spend the next two weeks scrambling to fit all the memories and heartfelt I-never-told-you’s that we possibly can into our days with a camera nearby, capturing every shared smile. We’ll procrastinate on finals for fun with the family we’ve gained along the journey at our Alma Mater.

And, in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Cats, you can spend a lot of money on classes and books or whatever else you’ve needed educationally along the way – and those things certainly have value – but nothing comes close to the comradery built between students, as well as professors, while at Wayne State. They’re priceless.

Thankfully, graduating isn’t an exile sentence. Something tells me Wayne State College is always going to provide a welcoming, homey environment to student, former or current. Moving away and apart doesn’t have to sever the bonds of friendship. In fact, look at it as your opportunity to travel and get away when you need a vacation or a pal (even if its only moments away).

It’s true that many life changes are ahead of a lot of you. But just as our situation is always changing, so must we adapt our relationships and priorities to fit that change. If finishing college isn’t undeniable proof that you have enough drive and desire and smarts to achieve your goals and overcome that challenge, I don’t know what is.

So bravo, Wayne State! You did it. You’re doing just fine, no matter what they say about ya, Cats. Don’t be too afraid of the next challenge in front of you, we’ve always got your back.