Campus Security


Derek Pufahl, Staff Writer

A report of criminal mischief was reported to Campus Security on April 14. The side mirror of a vehicle parked in Lot 10 was broken off. There is no evidence as to whether the incident was done intentionally or was simply the result of an accident.

A burglary was reported to have occurred in Morey hall on April 21. A student reported that a Play Station 4 gaming console was stolen from their room.

Campus Security Manager Jason Mrsny wishes to remind students to keep safe during the end of this spring semester. He urged students to keep doors locked even while transporting belongings to their vehicles.

“Many times you see doors left wide open, and students leave belongings in their cars for long periods in order to make the move out easier,” Mrsny said, “but students should be careful and keep personal items secure.”

Mrsny said that the semester went well with comparatively low numbers of Campus Security reports.

“As I often say, I’m impressed with the kids here,” Mrsny said. “I think they are more aware of the world around them and watch out for their personal safety.”