Finding faith after near-death experience

Camron Brummond spoke of his survival


Photo by Kurtis Minar

After an almost fatal accident in 2008, Brummond told his story of hope to WSC students in Ramsey Theatre last Thursday.

Amanda Krehbiel, Staff Writer

A kid with a dream. A dream to play football at Wayne State. A dream that never came true.

In high school, Camron Brummond was a “big boy,” benching over 300 lbs. and squatting over 400. In his words, he thought he was “God’s gift to mankind.” He made the most of worldly pleasures: drinking, smoking and partying.

But all that changed on June 15, 2008. Father’s Day.

Brummond was headed to church in his truck when a nearly fatal accident caused his vehicle to roll four times. He was ejected from the car and flew 40 feet.

The truck was totaled, but next to Brummond’s head landed one thing: his Bible.

“I lived by the grace of God,” Brummond told listeners in Ramsey Theater last Thursday night.

Though he suffered a punctured spleen and a punctured lung, the more serious trouble were the injuries his brain suffered.

“The doctors predicted that I wouldn’t live, that I wouldn’t even live to see the morning,” Brummond said. “[They said] I could never walk, talk, or function normally beyond the level of a seventh grader.

“But I am a super senior,” he smiled. “I’m going to walk all over them.”
At a young age, Brummond placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his Savior. But things weren’t easy.

“I heard the Gospel message, accepted the Lord, got so on fire for Christ,” Brummond said. “I went to school and started preaching to my classmates. They said, ‘Camron, get the heck out of here.’

I didn’t take that too well.”

That’s when he began “six long years” of searching for worth in the world.

“Before my crash, I was searching for love,” he said. “My dad, bless his soul, he is a really good guy. He has taught me some of the best lessons to learn in this life: how to work hard, not take no for an answer—I guess that could be a bad thing, too,” he laughed.

“He told me that no matter how hard things get, there is always hope out there. My dad has a problem with drinking alcohol. He likes his alcohol. But I still love him no matter what.

“But you know what? Jesus Christ gave me a love that my dad could not fulfill.”

Brummond told of the love he has found in Christ, and explained that God is the One Who gives him strength and hope.

“I believe that Jesus Christ sent me here to Wayne State to be an example of someone who will persevere, never give up, and never take no for an answer,” he said.

“Brain injury, no brain injury . . . I don’t care what problem you may have. Jesus Christ is bigger than your problem. God has given me a love that no woman could ever give me. No one ever could give me the love that He has given me.”

Brummond played two praise songs on Youtube for the audience, and a drama of a young woman who loses her way but comes back to Christ. The audience was tearful and came to their feet to applaud his testimony.

“We may not understand the trials we go through now,” Brummond said. “We may not understand the bad things that are happening to us, but we will know one day.”

“Don’t give up. I lost everything. If God is for you, who can be against you?”