Spreading awareness about different religions


Debbie Hernandez

WSC Students Jeremy Fricke, Kelsie Waldon and Jordan Zoucha wear headdresses to create awareness for other religions’ head wear.

Debbie Hernandez, Cartoonist

In case you ever find yourself in the Arabian Peninsula having dinner with the locals, don’t embarrass yourself by confusing one of the women’s abaya with a burqa.

The Interfaith Action group at WSC took to the open spaces of the student center yesterday to allow students the opportunity to learn and try on different religious coverings at their headdress social.

“This is all part of the Better Together campaign,” Interfaith action group president, Jeremy Fricke, said. “A lot of people in Northeast Nebraska haven’t been exposed to this headwear or don’t know why it’s worn, so we are giving them an honest view of religious coverings.”

The Better Together Interfaith Youth core is a student-led campaign for interfaith action. The campaign looks different on every campus, but the goal is ultimately the same—make interfaith cooperation a priority through interfaith social action.

“All head coverings aren’t going to automatically mean Muslim,” vice president Kelsie Waldon said. “Most people tend to tie everything to Islam, but most religious settings require a modest appearance or covering of the head.”

The headdress social displayed everything from Kippahs to burqas, while also spreading awareness and clearing up misinterpretations.

If you are looking to get more involved in the Interfaith movement, the Interfaith Action group will be hosting a Religious Diversity Panel on the Middle East next Tuesday, April 21, from 7-8:30 p.m. in Gardner Auditorium.

“Through this movement, we want to make others aware of the fact that even though we come from different backgrounds, we can work together—and we should,” Fricke said.